By   August 15, 2016

Dear Members ,

Once more thank you for the trust of leading this great association. We recently returned from our annual convention hosted by the BACDA USA – New England Chapter, who they did a phenomenal job. But before we resume business, I would like you to enjoy some pictures covering the memorable weekend.

Martin Akwensioge
National President

4 Comments on “Some Convention pictures for your viewing pleasure

  1. Ebako Richard

    Our fathers,mothers,brothers and sisters of BACDA USA.i speak on behalf of our little union (BASU). we have heard and seen the great work done by you guys to help us and to preserve our culture.on behalf of our union, thanks and success will come this great union’s way each time it acts.we are a group of bakossi students at the university of Yaounde 1 who strive to keep the Bakossi culture alive. we ask for parental advice and guidance on making our culture more than what it is.As the publicity secretary of our union it is my duty to let people know of our existence email is

    1. Martin Akwensioge Post author

      Thank you Mr. Ebako. Keep up the great work of preserving the Bakossi culture. It is rich and unique. An official of BACDA USA will be in touch.


    To all the members of BACDAD, we have seen the good work that is performed by you. I pray that God should give all of us long life to attend the 2017 convention so that people should see me promoting my culture in vedeo and pictures like the one above.

    1. Martin Akwensioge Post author

      Mr. Masango, Thanks for your kinds words. BACDA USA is here to promote the beautiful culture of the Bakossi people. We pray we have the opportunity to have you in our presence to promote the culture.

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