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BACDA USA celebrating African Heritage and Health Week- February 1-7, 2017

By   February 2, 2017

This week BACDA USA joins the rest of the nation to celebrate African Heritage and Health Week. This celebration coincides with celebrations of Black history month and American Heart Month (February). We at BACDA USA would like to encourage all our members to invite a non African to experience a simple healthy dish from our beloved region of Cameroon. This exercise should also serve as a remainder of healthy eating habits and a critical look at our cardiovascular health. Studies show that as we migrate to other area we acquire that areas risk factors and this can be seen with the rise of disease like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. There is a rise in these diseases in our community because we have forgotten our traditional diets and ways. Therefore, February would be a good time to  re-explore some of the wonderful and delicious cuisine from the Bakossi tribe, and Cameroon as a whole

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Your BACDA USA Education and Health Committee