The Washington D.C Metro Chapter was founded in 1990.


  • Foster cultural integration in our host country.
  • Promote economic, academic and social empowerment among the Bakossi in the Diaspora and Cameroon.
  • Promote a networking forum for BACDA-USA members.
  • Encourage fraternity amongst the Bakossi through cultural and social interactions as well as with other Cameroonian ethnic groups.
  • Impart the spirit of self-pride within the Bakossi community

Chapter Executive

President: Mr. Derrick Njoh

Vice President:  Mrs. Senge Metuge

Secretary General: Mr. Eugene Ekinde

Vice Secretary General: Mr. Etahkwelle Ngulle

Treasurer: Mrs. Pricillia Akame

Financial Secretary: Mr. Derrick Mebune

Vice Financial Secretary: Mr. Francis Nzang

Cultural Affairs Chair: Mr. Ernest Ajang

Micro Projects Chair: Mr. Francis Elung

Legal Affairs Chair: Mr. Geoffery Akame

Social Secretary: Mrs. Fanny Nkede

Protocol: Mr. Hans Njumbe

For questions about the chapter please email njohnjume@yahoo.com


Our meetings are held once a month on the last Saturday of the month at 6pm.


The chapter has the following activities during the year; Ndieh (the Bakossi Thanksgiving), Christmas party and annual fundraiser.


Current Project


Completed Projects

Every year the chapter under the guidance of its Micro project committee awards funds for the development of clans in the Bakossi area. In the Fiscal year 2016-2017 the following clans were awarded $1,000 each: The Mwanbong clan, The Tente-Asome clan, The Nninong clan and the Mwansudem clan.