Many students today are facing a rapidly changing and uncertain environment especially those interested in the health care practices such;  pharmacy, nursing and medicine to name a few.  In response to the need for students to gain a better understanding of the wide variety of career opportunities, a mentoring practice experience has been created for students interested in some the fields.

The mentoring provides an opportunity for students to get familiar with the various steps such as the application process, interview skills, CV writing and also assist first year students the opportunities and challenges of a career. By working one-on-one with practicing professionals and current third and fourth year pharmacy students as mentors, students can build a strong support network and foundation for making career decisions.


  • To provide a structured mentoring network capable of assisting the mentee in defining career goals, developing a career plan, and identifying continuing education/skill development needs.
  • To provide an environment that fosters a sense of well-being and acceptance.

Some Benefits to Mentees

  • Development of an interpersonal relationship with a caring, informed, supportive advisor.
  • Ability to receive constructive feedback
  • Direction in defining and achieving career goals
  • Acquisition of an objective and credible source of information

Tools available for mentoring will include:

  1. How to write a personal statement
  2.  How to write a CV
  3. What is professionalism