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Members of the National Executive Committee

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Ladies and Gentlemen


On behalf of the National Executive Committee and the National Organizing Committee, I am very humbled and proud to welcome you all here today to the great State of Massachusetts in the city of Lowell/Boston metro area. I wish to give our heartfelt appreciation to the hard working members of the Boston Chapter who have spared no stone unturned to make this 26th BACDA USA Convention very successful and memorable. It should be noted that this is the third convention that Boston is hosting, a testament to their strength, unity, resolve and staying true to the mission and vision of BACDA USA.

My dear delegates, we are gathered here today, having left our jobs, families and friends, because of our love for Ekose, our people and to strategies on the immense issues facing the development within our region and a better life for our people. It is wonderful to see many of you again after our celebrations in the Washington D.C. metro area last year. Your continued commitment is a statement to the rest of world and testimony to your love for this great association.

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