Press Release May 6, 2016

By   May 7, 2016


BACDA New England Intensifies Planning  for Boston 2016

With  70 days to go, BACDA members  across the USA , Canada  and superdelegates from Cameroon will be meeting in Massachusetts to experience the first Convention  in the Akwensioge Administration.

The energy, focus, passion and clarity  brought by the smart and innovative gentlemen /women in  the leadership team have completely re-branded our union with  outreach efforts  to various chapters and members.  BACDA New England members have pledged to redefine our history and set new standards in convention hosting.  In a conversation with the President of BACDA New England Mrs Priscilla Kwo , she expressed  the readiness and confirmed that all necessary arrangements have been put in place to ensure that delegates receive  a top-notch  treatment when they set foot in Massachusetts,  She re-iterated that this year’s convention would set a road –map for BACDA USA.  “Book your flight, reserve your hotel, and leave the rest to us” said President Priscilla Kwo” . You cannot afford to miss this event.!

The Boston 2016 Organizing Committee is once more reminding all delegates, to make necessary arrangements to attend this gathering.  President Akwensioge is counting on your presence.  

Contact the Boston 2016 Liaison Officer  at 781-696-8878  with any questions or concerns.

Liaison Office

Boston 2016 Organizing Committee

BACDA-USA Meeting with Bakossi Clan andFriend Groups

By   February 29, 2016

Dear All,

I wish you a wonderful day and and happy Friday. I would like to update you on a significant meeting that took place last Sunday Feb 21, 2016; BACDA USA held its first ever meeting with all Clan, sub clan, village, friend Meetings from the bakossi area. The attendance was very impressive after invitations to leaders from the following groups was sent; Mwanyoe-Mbwogmud, Elung Women (EWOCUSA), Harmony Group, Mwetan, Nyasosso,Mwambong Family Meeting, Nkikoh (NKICUDA), Bangem Diaspora Meeting, POALA USA, Mwansudem, Ekambeng, Ninong (NICDA).

I am glad to report to you that the meeting was very fruitful with every group present reporting successful accomplishments of projects in education and healthcare. I as also pleased to note that all groups have members that are also active in the various BACDA USA chapters. At this moment I would like to recognize a leader in attendance who happens to be in multiple groups (Mwetan, Harmony Group, Ebonji meeting to name a few) and is also a BACDA USA member, like many of the other leaders; please help me salute Mr. Derrick Njoh for his dedication in participating in BACDA USA development at the same time with Clan development.

Another item of discussion was the road project, and all leaders were in accordance that all options should be used to improve the current situation. Some options presented include educating the locals of the need to continue their contributions, holding elected officials accountable and better education of the whole project.

I will further like to announce to all that this administration will continue to reach out to all these leaders for information sharing and partnering in developmental projects.

I will call this group the Bakossi Council. It is not an organ of BACDA USA but a platform for all the groups to share ideas and work together for the development of the Bakossi people and area.

Thank you to all the leaders that took the time to call in and to those who could not make it, we pray that on the next call you will be available.


Martin Akwensioge
National President


By   February 28, 2016

The Bakossi people (Bekose) come from the Kupe-Muanenguba region (Ekose) of the Republic of Cameroon. We are a cultural and development organization whose membership is open to all Bekose in the diaspora, their significant others, friends and well-wishers.

We seek to promote the Bakossi culture such as the language (Akose), education, healthcare and development. The Mission of the members of BACDA-USA is to perpetuate the Bakossi man’s legendary hospitality and hard work by assisting in the advancement of social, educational and public health development for the Bekose. We initiate activities such fundraiser with a view to providing charitable and educational services to diaspora community in the United States of America and the Bakossi people of the Republic of Cameroon.

Thank you for visiting this website. We hope and wish you will learn more about the Bekose (Bakossi people) and Ekose (Bakossi region). As a visitor you will find vital information about issues pertinent to the socio-economic and cultural development of the Bekose.  I hope you will find the information helpful and educative, and that you will share this information with others.

Dr. Martin Akwensioge
National President