Another Year for the Books.


Every year BACDA USA along with its chapters carry our projects in healthcare and education to better the lives of the people in the Bakossi area as well as people of Bakossi heritage and friends in the Unites States.


First Health Campaign in Ngusi-Tombel Sub division.


Secon Health Campaign in Ekah banjo-Bangem Sub division


Our first health campaign took place in Ngusi at the IPA campus where over 300 sick men,women and children were seen over two days It is also worth noting that apart from the common complains like body pains, arthritis and gastritis, the number of patients diagnosed of being hypertensive is quite worrisome. Some of them are on regular medication but a bulk of them did not even know about their condition.

 The second health campaign took place at Ekah banjo where over 400 individuals were seen. This is a health center very removed from better health care providers. Most of their complains included waist pain, epigastric pain, leg cramps, chest pain and fever. The children mostly presented with cough, skin rashes and anaemia. Some epileptic cases were registered and here too quite a good number of patients were diagnosed of hypertension. It is rather sad though to know that there was no functional blood pressure apparatus at the Health Center.












Chapters also carry out projects. 


The BACDA USA -Dallas Fort Worth Chapter just like BACDA USA also carries our micro projects to further the mission and vision of the association. 

Medical supplies and over the counter medications were donated to the Bangem Hospital. Some of the supplies donated include; over 5,000 pairs of surgical gloves, mask, gowns, alcohol wipes and swabs, over 3,000 syringes and needle tips, drip sets, slings, pediatric resuscitation knit, staple and suture remover to name a few.


Help us improve the lives of the less fortunate.