Every year during our national convention the national president gives a recap of the associations activities as well as in sight into the next years activities. Due to technology we have not been able to secure all our presidents addresses.

The following are the National Presidents of BACDA and their state of the union address.

Mr. Hans Sobe (1994-1995)
Mr. Edie Nkwelle (1996-1997)
Ms. Olga Ekume (1998-1999)

Mr. Ray Koge (2000-2001)
Mr. Sammy Ngalame (2002-2005)
Mr. Larry Ekaney (2006-2009)

Ms. Evelyne Epie (2010 –2011)

Dr. Joe Ngalle (2012-2015)

Dr. Martin Akwensioge (2016-2019)

 Mr. Andrew Amate (Present)

  • SOTU 2020