BACDA USA operates on a fiscal calendar that runs from July to June and so we take stock of what we achieved for the past year in the month of July. Every third weekend of July members of BACDA USA are hosted by one of its chapters. At the beginning of the union hosting was decided on the convention floor however, under the leadership of Dr. Joe Ngalle a tentative schedule for hosting conventions was agreed.

Convention 2016 Hosted by BACDA USA New England

Convention 2017 Hosted by BACDA USA- Houston Metro Area

Convention 2018 Hosted by BACDA USA - Atalanta Metro Area

Convention 2019 Hosted by BACDA USA- Dallas Forth Worth

Convention 2020 Hosted by BACDA USA- Delaware Valley

Convention 2021 Hosted by BACDA USA- Washington DC Metro

* Chapters rotating hosting and chapters rejoining or new chapters formed being added accordingly ( BACDA USA - Minnesota TBD at next Face to Face NEC meeting.

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BACDA USA National conventions is the time when members from all chapters including independent members come together and take stock of the past year, plot a course for the future and elect its national executives. The conventions usually take place over 3 days and run from Friday through Sunday but some years we see a 4 day convention.