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BACDA USA DFW at 2017 Convention


Large presence at the 2017 Convention in Houston, TX

Following donations of school supplies at G.S Bulutu, Cameroon, the BACDA USA- DFW Chapter unanimously agrees to adopt the school to further assist the students and teachers in having a safe and conducive learning environment.

About the DFW Chapter

Its the fifth chapter in the BACDA USA union. Its first president was Ms. Evelyne Epie. The chapter is proud to still have two of the founding members as current active members; Ms. Evelyn Epie, Mrs. Linda Andoseh. 

The Chapter has grown from one where four to five members were active at  the national level to a chapter of seventeen active members at the local and national level. The Chapter was a proud host of the 2013 and 2019 National Convention. The chapter is known in the union for attracting new members and continues to establish itself as a dynamic and innovative chapter. The chapter is proud to be home of three past national presidents (Mr. Larry Ekaney and Ms. Evelyne Epie and Dr. Martin Akwensioge).


  • Foster cultural integration in our host country.

  • Promote economic, academic and social empowerment among the Bakossi in the Diaspora and Cameroon.

  • Promote a networking forum for BACDA-USA members.

  • Encourage fraternity among the Bakossi through cultural and social interactions as well as with other Cameroonian ethnic groups.

  • Impart the spirit of self-pride within the Bakossi community of the DFW area.

Chapter Executive

President: Mrs. Adeline Ekaney

Vice President: Dr. Georgette Ebuh

Secretary General: Mrs. Linda Andoseh

Treasurer: Mrs. Yvonne Nduge

Financial Secretary: Dr. Martin Akwensioge

For questions about the chapter please email bacdadfw@gmail.com 


Our meetings are held once every other month on the the second Saturday of the month at 6pm with tele-conferences the months we do not meet.


This year the chapter took part in the World Earth day celebrations by volunteering to clean one of the area parks in the DFW area. The chapter assembled on the Saturday April 20th 2019 and picked up trash at the Hummingbird Park in the city of Frisco and educated the kids and youth in importance of keeping the environment and surrounding clean.

Last year the chapter joined the rest of the chapters in giving back to the community. The DFW chapter volunteered at the North Texas Food bank. Through a combine effort 10,222 lbs of food was sorted to provide 8,518 meals to the needy.

Current Project

The chapter identified individuals that have been displaced by the current crisis in Cameroon and provided food stuff.

The Chapter co-sponsored a medical campaign carried out by Prevent Blindness International(PBI) to assist the internally displaced along the Sanchou area of Cameroon.

The chapter continues to brainstorm on ways to improve the current state of G.S Bulutu. The chapter is currently working on securing funds for a humanitarian relief to the Bakossi area.

Completed Projects

Renovation of G.S Bulutu: The chapter recently adopted Government School (G.S) Bulutu, Cameroon. This decision was taken after executing a back pack and school supplies drive at the same school. Video report showed incomplete classrooms, classrooms with no doors and windows during the distribution of the gifts.

Medical Supplies to Health Clinics and Center:  In the fiscal year 2015-2016 the chapter embarked in soliciting medical supplies to donate to local health clinics and centers that take care of inhabitants in the Bakossi area. The chapter was able to secure medical supplies worth approximately $7,000 and included; over 5,000 pair of gloves, over 3,000 syringes and needles,alcohol wipes ans swabs, drip sets, surgical sets, sterile surgical caps, gowns and shoes to name a few. The supplies were donated to the Bangem Regional Hospital and Ejed Clinic.

Back Pack and School supplies: In the fiscal year 2015-2016 the chapter agreed to assist a school by encouraging the students and local community of the need for education. G.S. Bulutu was selected and back packs and stationary were provided to every student and every faculty a briefcase. The purchase of these was carried out with funds from a previous fundraiser to provide potable water to a disadvantage Bakosssi area 

Social Media 

You can follow the chapter on twitter @BACDA_DFW and view chapter videos on our YouTube Channel